Water Supply

Sub paragraph «Water supply» shall contain:

Text body:

a) information about existed and designed sources of water

b) information about existed and designed potable water protection zones

c) description and characteristics of water supply system and its parameters

d) designed water consumption including automatic fire fighting and technical and cooling water cycles.

e) designed water consumption for process

f) information about actual and designed water pressure in supply line, engineering equipment providing the necessary pressure

g) information about pipe and tube materials, and methods of protection against ground and ground water aggressiveness

h) Information about water quality

i) List of methods providing the required water quality for different type of usage

j) List of methods of water reservation

k) List of actions to count water consumption

l) Description of automation of water supply

m) List of methods to save water

n) Description of hot water supply

  • o) Designed hot water consumption

p) Description of recycling water reuse system

q) Balance of water consumption and waste water discharge

Graphical body:

r) Schematic diagram of water supply

s) water supply network plan

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    SRO license (permission to particular types of work which influence on capital construction safety) has been updated.
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