Part 1: Explanatory Note

Part 1 «EXPLANATORY NOTE» must contain:

Text body:

a) Reference to one of the following documents, based on which the decision to develop a design has been made:

  • Federal Principal Program, Regional Development program, Municipal Program etc
  • President’s decision, Russian federation Government decision etc
  • Developer decision

b) Input data and requirements for preparation Design documents for capital construction object. The following documents are listed:

  • Project statement — if design documents are made based on contract
  • Engineering survey (geological study) results document
  • Property documents in case if object is refurbished
  • Approved and properly registered Master (town) plan of land plot provided for capital construction object
  • Document about usage of land plot if the plot is not covered by Master (town) plan. The document is issued by Federal, regional or municipal authorities.
  • Technocal conditions, described by Section 7 of article 48 of Russian Federation Constructional Code and other regulations, if object is not able to work without connections to public engineering-technical utilities (furter mentioned as Technical Conditions).
  • Agreements for deviation from Technical Conditions.
  • Approval for deviation above the allowable limits for capital object construction
  • Owner decision about the building liquidation in case when demolition is necessary
  • Other approval documents, required by law and other Russian Federation regulations, including technical and town-building regulations.

c) Consumption data: fuel, natural gas, water and electrical power.

d) Manufacturing capacity

e) Raw material consumption, water consumption, fuel and energy consumption

f) Information about integrated raw material usage, secondary energy resources, usage of wastes

g) Information about land plot area, occupied temporarily or permanently. Justification of land plot area if there is no limitations for specific sort of industrial activity.

h) Category of land which will be occupied.

i) Information about application of invention and patented research results.

j) Technical and Economical data about the object to be designed.

k) Information about developed and approved special technical conditions — in case if it is necessary.

l) Data about design capacity of the object. How is it important for municipality? Number of employees, and their professional and skills level.

m) Information about Computer Software used for building structural elements calculation.

n) Justification of execution of construction process in several stages.

  • o) Data about budget of old house demolition, people relocation and utilities line transfer if It is necessary.

p) Design office declaration confirming that design documents are prepared in accordance to Master (Town) plan of land plot, Project Statement, Town-building regulations, land plot usage for construction document, technical regulations, including building operation safety and adjacent territory safety and in compliance to technical conditions.

  1. Documents (or copy of documents) indicated in sub-item b) of section 10) must be submitted with Explanatory Note in corpore (completely).
Industrial engineering
  • 22 July 2016
    Specialists of the company have been passed the certification of industrial safety requirements in the following areas: A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B7, B8. According to the results of the certification, special committee for training specialists in the industrial
  • 26 February 2016
    SRO license (permission to particular types of work which influence on capital construction safety) has been updated.
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