Part 4: Construction, Strural-spatial concept

Part 4 «3D Structural- spatial concept»

Text body:

a) Topographical, engineering-geological, hydrological, meteorological and climate conditions of the land plot.

b) Information about specific nature and climate conditions of territory where land plot is located.

c) Strength and deformative characteristics of soil in basis of the land plot

d) Depth of ground water, its chemical composition, ground water and soil aggressiveness to constructional materials used for underground parts.

e) Presentation of structural decisions including 3D schemes

f) Presentation and explanation of technical solutions, providing the necessary strength, steadiness, spatial stability both for whole building and for its parts and components.

g) Description of structural and spatial solutions for underground part of the building.

h) Presentation of designation, placement, and area of the main manufacturing, assembly, repair and other shops, as well as laboratories, warehouse, and offices.

i) Design solutions to meet thermo-protection requirements, noise and vibration isolation; hydro and steam isolation of rooms; decrease of gas pollution; extra heat removal; safe level of electromagnetic and other radiations; sanitary and hygienic requirements, fire protection.

j) Characteristics and structure of floors, roof, suspended ceiling, walls and finishing of rooms

k) Methods to protect structures and basis from destruction

l) Description engineering solution and installations providing protection from dangerous natural and industrial effects

Graphical body:

m) plans for each floor

n) drawings of characteristic sections showing bearing structures and frame filings, with height level indication, with structural material description.

  • o) Drawings of parts that required to be shown in details

p) Framework and components schemes

q) Overlaping, covering, roof plans

r) Fencing structures and partition schemes

s) Basis plans and sections

Industrial engineering
  • 22 July 2016
    Specialists of the company have been passed the certification of industrial safety requirements in the following areas: A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B7, B8. According to the results of the certification, special committee for training specialists in the industrial
  • 26 February 2016
    SRO license (permission to particular types of work which influence on capital construction safety) has been updated.
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